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Salaam, my name is Hannah, I am a convert to Islam. I am from South Africa but I grew up here in British Columbia. My deen is the love of my life.

Anonymous said: mashallah did people call u a heretic when u came into islam??

Salaam! Alhamdulilah not really. I don’t come from a particularly religious family so I haven’t had to deal with that brand of criticism from them. I have had Christian missionaries ( who have approached me on the street unprovoked) become ridiculously angry when they found out I left Christianity for Islam. I have been screamed and told I would go to hell if I don’t find Jesus alay salaam. They become even more irate when I tell them I am following the true path of Jesus alay salaam, through Islam :)

Can we please kill this myth that tattoos make wudu invalid PLEASE. Virtually all major legal schools have ruled that they do not do so. A tattoo penetrates 6 layers of skin. The surface of your skin is still touched by water. If you want to argue that tattoos are haraam using Hadith or whatever that’s totally valid. But this argument is throughly debunked.

90% of the people I meet think I am Arab which is cool but I can’t help burst out laughing when they ask if I am “Arabic”