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Salaam, my name is Hannah, I am a convert to Islam. I am from South Africa but I grew up here in British Columbia. My deen is the love of my life.

Hijab styling is just not my thing. I hate pins, I hate making folds, I hate having to constantly adjust things. I am put a scarf on my head and wrap it around my neck kind of person, and I think that’s okay.


*tries to do push up* 

*goes straight into sujood*

me: ya rabb deliver me from this calamity

(via teh-kotak)

  • Western Patriarchy: A woman wearing revealing clothing is just asking to be raped. If she hadn't worn that short skirt out in public, she wouldn't have been assaulted. It's her fault for dressing like a slut and then trusting men not to treat her like one.
  • Western Patriarchy: Women who wear religious head coverings and hide their skin in public are so oppressed! It's not like she's going to get raped just because a man sees her ankles or neck! Why don't those women stop covering their bodies and just learn to trust men?

Never forget.
Remembering allthe innocent lives lost.

A couple weeks ago I was quoted for an article covering a Palestinian protest in Vancouver, and apparently people have been texting my mom saying that they are concerned that I am now involved with Hamas lol.


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